Planning & Simulation for Better Strategic Decisions

We build tools to help organizations make better strategic and operational decisions in the face of complexity and risk.



We build driver-based planning models which take risks and uncertainties into account. And we help you use them to make the best decisions.

Our Approach

We develop our solutions with Analytica, a visual modeling platform for building and analyzing complex financial models and tools. It is designed to overcome many of the shortcomings of Excel and other spreadsheets software. Analytica has a wide and mature range of modeling and statistical analysis capabilities and allows for rapid, agile model development. You can check out Analytica’s features and capabilities on our website

Cubeplan, the enterprise version of Analytica offers, on top of this, browser- based access for multiple users and individual, interactive dashboards. Cubeplan has been recognized as the “Best New Vendor of the Year 2016” by North American BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on business performance management. After significant success of Cubeplan in Latin America and entering the North American market in 2015, syconomic is now introducing Cubeplan as an exclusive partner in Europe.


the reasoning behind our approach

How can you make good decisions if you don't know how things work?
How can you know how things work if you don't have a model?
How can you have a model without modeling things?
That's why we build computer models.

We translate your business knowledge into a visual model that answers all your critical business questions and helps you make better, more informed decisions.

We help you pull the right strings.

Our Solution

Our solution for an integrated, continuous, driver-based planning consists of these three components:

Main Components

Analytica — the Powerful Modeling Platform

Risk Analysis — Powerful Monte Carlo simulation for probabilistic risk analysis throughout the entire model

Multi-dimensional — Flexible multi-dimensional calculations for scenario analysis, group consolidation and more

Driver-based — Transparent graphical driver models for visualizing and communicating model logic

syFMF — Our Framework for Integrated Planning

Pre-configured integrated 3-way financial statements

Standard connector for linking any business logic

Flexible planning horizon

Continuous or rolling forecast

Blending actual and forecast numbers

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly aggregation

Define and compare strategies and scenarios

Sensitivity “Tornado” analysis

Built-in functions for loans, investments, projects, etc.

Flexible deviation analysis

Cubeplan — Enterprise-wide Integrated Planning

Browser-based access to model

Role-based collaboration across the organization

Individual, interactive reports & dashboards

Intuitive graphical navigation within models

Access any input and output of the model

Integrated Knowledge Base

Workflow & tasks management

Excel & database integration

Interested in learning more?

This document describes in detail our approach and solution, applications and use cases, the typical implementation process as well as software licenses and hardware requirements.

Thank you for your interest in our solution! You can download the PDF document here.

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Most of our projects are of delicate nature and clients don’t want to showcase their problem and our solution to the public. But to give you a taste of the solutions we have developed over the last 10+ years, here are some anonymized examples:

Commodity risk management system for international food producer
Enterprise Risk Management system for major Austria electricity company
Value-at-Risk/ Cash-Flow-at-Risk portfolio analysis for leading bricks and roof tile producer
Cash flow planning & forecasting model for large German mail order and department store company
Liquidity forecasting model for large city utility company
Strategic finance and M&A tool for large pharmaceutical company
Strategic scenario planning tool for European subsidiary of large Swedish power company
Model review of strategic financing tool for large German natural gas company
Portfolio management tool for major Austrian insurance company
FX risk analysis tool (prototype) for major European automotive company
Commodity & energy price risk analysis tool for large specialty chemicals company
Enterprise Risk Management system for large Austrian utility company
Interest rate portfolio risk analysis tool for larger German city utility company
Integrated financial planning tool for German online fashion retailer
Capacity and financial planning tool for large German automotive services company
Forecasting and scenario analysis tool for German recycling company
Production cost analysis and simulation tool for large German railway vehicle systems company
Real estate portfolio tool for German real estate project developer company
Planning and decision support tool for alternative investment project in Brazil
Planning and simulation model for German IT solution and service provider
Operations and financial planning tool for German producer of speciality textiles
Financial reporting and analysis tool for project development business unit of Dutch financial institution

»Unser Excelmodell hatte 40 prall gefüllte Tabellenblätter mit ‘Monsterformeln’. Nicht mehr überschaubar, fehleranfällig in Bedienung und Erweiterung. syconomic hat unser Geschäftsmodell in seiner Komplexität in Analytica abgebildet. Jetzt können wir auf Knopfdruck mehrdimensionale Berechnungen durchführen und verschiedene Szenarien miteinander vergleichen. Damit haben wir Sicherheit und Zeit gewonnen!«

Katja Stiller

Leiterin Controlling, ALBA Recycling GmbH

»Bei syconomic hatte ich von Anfang an das Gefühl, dass ich die richtigen, kompetenten Partner gefunden habe. Sie sind exzellente ‘Modellbauer’ und haben ein flexibles Tool entwickelt, mit dem differenzierte Stundensätze für unser Werk in Berlin ermittelt und vor allem simuliert werden können — und das schnell und transparent. Die interaktive Zusammenarbeit mit syconomic ist das beste ‘learning by doing’ und macht richtig Spaß«

Renate Mehner

Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge

»Mit unserem Analytica-Modell wird die Bewertung von Chancen und Risiken mit der Unternehmensplanung verzahnt. Obwohl die Modellstruktur komplex ist, bleibt das Modell dennoch sehr transparent und nutzerfreundlich. Die Kombination aus der Möglichkeit, völlig frei zu modellieren, und der Einfachheit, mit der das geht, macht den Umgang mit Analytica im täglichen Geschäft sehr effektiv.«

Conrad Thieme

Konzernrisikomanagement, VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG

»syconomic hat ein Planungstool entwickelt, das die komplexen Prozesse im Unternehmen transparent miteinander verbindet. Damit ist es möglich, innerhalb kürzester Zeit unsere Ideen zur Unternehmensentwicklung durchzuspielen und Risiken und Potenziale frühzeitig zu erkennen. Das Tool ist zu einem wesentlichen Bestandteil unseres Planungsprozesses geworden.«

Steffen Martin

Geschäftsführer, Spandauer Velours

»It has been a pleasure working with Torsten from syconomic. It was a difficult assignment, as he had to create a solution from the ground up, with a lot of model challenges only being identified and resolved during the project. Torsten’s dedication, clear thinking and positive attitude was appreciated during the model development. The model was well developed and implemented and covered all of our requirements, and more. His transfer of the model to the operational staff was also well managed.«

Louis Strydom

Business Development Manager, FMO — Dutch Development Bank

»Our Excel model had 40 bulging worksheets, populated with 'monster formulas.' Hardly manageable, prone to errors in operation and modification. syconomic translated our business model in its whole complexity to Analytica. Now we can perform multi-dimensional calculations and compare different scenarios with each other—at your fingertips. With syconomic’s solution we’ve gained security and saved time!«

Katja Stiller

Head of Controlling, ALBA Recycling GmbH

»Right from the start I had the strong feeling I’d found the right, competent partners in syconomic. They are excellent modelers, and designed a flexible tool to calculate, simulate, and compare complex production costs for our plant in Berlin—fast, transparent, and reliable. The interactive collaboration with syconomic is the best ‘learning by doing’ and is really fun.«

Renate Mehner

Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems

»With our Analytica model, the evaluation of opportunities and risks becomes an integrated part of the corporate planning process. Although the model structure is complex, the model still remains very transparent and user-friendly. The combination of the ability to freely model any logic, and the simplicity with which this is done makes working with Analytica very effective in our daily business.«

Conrad Thieme

Group Risk Management, VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG

»syconomic developed a planning tool that transparently connects the complex production processes in our company. With that tool it is possible, within the shortest time, to play through our business development ideas—and to identify risks and potentials early on. The tool has become an integral part of our planning process.«

Steffen Martin

CEO, Spandauer Velours


We love concrete, tangible results—fast. That’s why we do quick prototyping and agile model development. Here is how we typically start building the tools for making better decisions.

Design Workshop

Typically, one or two days working together with you is enough to understand the basic logic of your business—and the challenges and key questions you have.

When working together for the first time, we prefer a face-to-face meeting, but we're also comfortable with a  web meeting.

fast Prototype

Within just a couple of days we build a fully-functional prototype model. This way, you see first hand what the model can do for you.

If you want to go on with us, we specify the requirements and key functions of the final model and make a proposal.

Agile Modeling

We quickly expand the prototype based on the requirements, sharing with you refined versions of the model on a weekly basis.

Keeping you in the loop and integrating testing into development make sure you get the best possible solution.

Training & Support

After deployment of the final model—even better during model building—we train you and your team using the software.

If you want, we provide ongoing support to maintain and update your model.

More than software

Our models are more than software. It’s a systematic approach to make better economic decision. We not only build an “instrument” but help you get the most out of it. Having the best piano doesn’t mean you’re able to make good music. Having the best decision system doesn't ensure to make good decisions.

Contact us

We build the “piano”—and help you play it.

Models are at the heart of good strategic decisions. But we need more to truly achieve DECISION QUALITY.

The concept of Decision Quality was first developed in the 1960s, building on statistical decision theory and game theory by Prof. Howard Raiffa from Harvard, and dynamic probabilistic systems by Prof. Ronald A. Howard from Stanford. Since the mid-1980s, Decision Quality has developed into an established set of practices and tools—fueled by computer modeling.

That’s why we don’t want to just deliver “tools” but aim to partner with our clients to establish a culture, and implement the methodologies of good strategic decision-making.

Right Frame

What are we deciding?

Framing is clarifying the decision we’re about to make. To properly frame a decision, we need to define what it is that we are deciding, what we are not deciding, what we should take as given, and what goals we wish to achieve.

Clear Values

What do we want?

Values are what we care about—profit, NPV, cashflow, etc. but also non-monetary things like reputation, environmental footprint, or employee satisfaction. Maximizing all of those values is often not possible, so we need to clarify the tradeoffs between them we are willing to make.

These values and tradeoffs are the outputs of our models.

Creative Options

What can we do?

The quality of a decision is limited by the alternative options we consider—we can’t choose an option we haven’t thought of! Good options are under our control, significantly different, potentially attractive, and doable.

The options are evaluated simultaneously in our models to allow for a side-by-side comparison.

Useful Information

What do we need to know?

Useful information is anything we know, would like to know, or should know. This includes not only information about the past, a.k.a. “data.” Useful information is also everything we don’t know exactly. These risks and uncertainties must be explicitly taken into account, e.g. expressed as probability distributions.

These pieces of information are the inputs of our models.

logical Reasoning

How do things work?

Logical reasoning is building a quantitative model of the business logic. It makes it transparent how our desired values are affected by the input information and the alternative choices we make.

To make the logical reasoning clear to all stakeholders of the decision, we build transparent, visual models in Analytica.

Committment to Act

Are we willing to act?

The quality of a decision finally depends on the commitment to act on the decision made. Here, we need to involve all key decision makers and stakeholders to get their buy-in, and ensure that the organization is ready to take action and commit the necessary resources.

We develop our models with Analytica, a modeling and simulation platform. The main reasons are efficiency and communication.  

Analytica's “object-oriented” programming language and intelligent arrays allow us to develop and maintain quantitative analysis rapidly and accurately.  So we spend much less time just “programming” or auditing and correcting mistakes than we would in spreadsheets or other programming languages.

Analytica’s influence diagrams allow us to discuss the logic of models graphically with clients. As a result, we spend much less time getting confirmation of a model’s accuracy from clients and spend more time actually helping them think through their problems and solutions.

On our website we spread the word of Analytica to the financial modeling community. We wouldn't evangelize Analytica and act as Lumina’s reseller in Europe if we hadn’t used Analytica in so many challenging projects over the last 10+ years. And if we hadn't experienced so many happy, almost enthusiastic customers and Analytica users.


syconomic is a boutique consulting firm specializing in building planning and decision support models. We help our clients translating their domain-specific knowledge into quantitative models and bespoke financial tools using Analytica, a visual modeling and simulation platform. Since 2015 we are the official European reseller and solution provider for Analytica and Cubeplan, the enterprise version of Analytica.

founder & Managing Director

Torsten is founder and Managing Director of syconomic with more than 15 years of experience in financial modeling, corporate planning, probabilistic risk modeling and analysis, and corporate decision-making. He has worked for clients in various industries, e.g. ALBA, Altana Pharma (now Takeda), Bayer Material Science (now Covestro), FMO Dutch Development Bank, Knorr-Bremse or Volkswagen. Torsten is a thought leader in enterprise-wide risk management and driver-based business planning. Torsten has developed and implemented software solutions in treasury management, energy and commodity trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management. His passion is to solve problems by combining novel, unconventional, interdisciplinary ways of thinking.


Torsten Röhner

Torsten is co-founder and Managing Partner of syconomic. He is a thought leader in enterprise-wide risk management and driver-based business planning. During his career he has implemented software solutions in treasury management, energy and commodity trading, financial risk management, and corporate planning and decision-making for clients ranging from small businesses to the German Top 100 , e.g. Altana Pharma, Bayer, MAN, RWE, and Volkswagen. He is always looking for a simpler, more elegant solution.

Steffen Rohr

He may not have the strength of 6 tigers, but he has the heart of at least 10. He's the man you want when your project is on the line and ready to make the tough play.

Daniel Probst

The guy in the iron suit makes all the big calls and looks good doing it. But he is also a master website designer and builder of mobile applications.

Robert D. Brown III

He may not have the strength of 6 tigers, but he has the heart of at least 10. He's the man you want when your project is on the line and ready to make the tough play.

Scott Evans

What can we say, he's the most electric guy in the room. He can take even the most boring of projects, and send a spark of life through it.


We are based in Leipzig, Germany but work wherever you need us. With our partners in the U.S. and Australia, we can deliver results around the globe.

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